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Traditional Braces – Plano, TX

Your Path to a Straighter, Healthier Smile

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If you or your child deals with the daily challenges of misaligned teeth, you may be thinking about orthodontic treatment. With a little time and patience, it may not be long before your smile is straight and you can enjoy the oral health and confidence benefits that come with properly positioned teeth. But which orthodontic treatment should you choose? Although there are several available, traditional braces in Plano are still one of the best ways to correct alignment issues.

Dr. Natassia Ulasik has undergone extensive training in orthodontics and would be happy to help you achieve a straight, attractive smile via this tried and true treatment method.

Indications for Braces

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Braces can be an appropriate solution for both adults and children whose teeth are misaligned. They’re effective at correcting a number of issues, including:

How Do Braces Work?

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Braces have several components, including brackets and wires, that work together to apply gentle pressure to teeth to reposition them over time. Throughout your treatment period, you’ll need to visit Dr. Ulasik for periodic checkups and adjustments. After your braces come off, it’s important that you wear a retainer so your new grin can remain straight and beautiful.

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Length of Treatment

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The average treatment time with braces is 12 – 36 months. The exact length of your treatment will depend on several factors, including the severity of the issues that are being corrected. Another thing that comes into play is age. Because children’s mouths are still developing and their bones are softer than an adult’s, it is often easier for braces to move their teeth. Addressing orthodontic problems in adults tends to take longer on average.

Patient compliance can also affect the length of treatment. Although you cannot remove your braces on your own, how you treat them on a daily basis will affect how long you must wear them. For example, failing to wear your braces’ elastics may extend the overall length of treatment.

Taking Care of Your Braces

braces and oral hygiene

Maintaining oral hygiene and being careful not to damage your braces can ensure that you have the most comfortable experience possible throughout your orthodontic treatment. Some of the basic instructions that braces patients should follow include:

The Cost of Braces

women discussing cost of braces

Braces are among the more affordable orthodontic procedures. However, they do still present a significant cost. The overall price of your treatment will depend on the severity of your teeth’s misalignment, whether your braces require attachments, and more. When you visit us as your cosmetic dentist in Plano for your consultation, we can give you a more concrete idea of how much your braces will cost. We’ll also help you explore options for paying for them.

Braces are certainly worth the price! They can set you up for a lifetime of healthy, confident, and comfortable smiles.

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