Aetna Dentist – Plano, TX

How Aetna Keeps You Smiling

Dr. Bhalla, your dentist in Plano, and the rest of our team are always pleased when we learn that our patients have dental insurance. We’ve even in-network with a number of plans, including Aetna Dental Insurance, which helps you minimize your out of pocket costs and get the most out of your policy. Whether you routinely come to us for preventive care or you need to have a bit more extensive work done, we can ensure that you’re using your plan to your smile’s greatest advantage.

Aetna Coverage Availability and Fees

Aetna offers both group plans (which can you can purchase through an employer) and individual and family plans. The individuals plans that are available in our area are DPN plans, which work in the same way as PPO plans. With a DPN plan, you’re allowed to visit any licensed dentist and still use your benefits. However, your out of pocket costs will be lower when you visit an in-network Aetna Dental dentist in Plano. We’ve already agreed on specific fees for certain services, and since we’re used to working with Aetna, we can offer tailored advice to help you get the most out of your plan.

The coverage that you’ll receive from your Aetna Dental Direct Preferred PDN plan works something like this:

  • Preventive care (cleanings, exams, etc.): 100% covered with no deductible.
  • Basic restorative care (fillings and other minor services): 80% covered after your deductible.
  • Major services (root canal therapy, oral surgery, denture, etc.): 50% covered after your deductible.

Your plan also comes with an annual maximum, which is the highest amount that Aetna will pay out for services within a calendar year. With the Preferred plan, the maximum is $1,250 per person. If the total cost of your treatment will exceed your annual maximum, we might be able to break up your treatment across calendar years so you can use two annual maximums and enjoy greater savings.

Meet Diana, Our Team Member Who Handles Insurance

Diana is our front desk person and office manager. She is passionate about helping patients achieve healthier smiles, and one of the ways she does so is by handling dental insurance. She can verify your coverage, file your claims, and help you understand how your plan applies to certain treatments. Don’t be shy about asking her any questions you may have; she’s always eager to share her knowledge and contribute to the positive atmosphere that our patients enjoy whenever they come into our office.

To learn more about how Diana and the rest of our team can help you maximize your Aetna coverage, give us a call or use our online form to request your next appointment. We look forward to seeing you!