Driving Down the Cost of Quality Dental Care

Do you have Delta Dental insurance? We’re always happy to hear that our patients have coverage, whether they purchased their policy themselves or their employer provides it for them. Your dental policy is an invaluable resource that helps you take advantage of low- to no-cost preventive care. It’s also there to help you out when your smile needs a bit of restorative work. As your Delta Dental dentist in Plano, we’ll be happy to help you get as much as you can out of your plan.

Delta Dental Coverage Availability & Fees

Delta Dental insurance offers a few different types of plans, but its DPO plans (which work in the same way as PPO plans) offer some of the most flexible coverage. With your DPO policy, you’re allowed to visit any licensed dentist and still use your benefits. However, visiting a dentist for Delta Dental who is in-network with the insurance company has a few added perks. Because we’ve already negotiated the fees for certain services with Delta, you can expect a lower out of pocket cost. Plus, coverage rates tend to be higher at in-network practices.

Here is a look at how your policy might apply to certain services:

  • Preventive care (cleanings, exams, X-rays): Covered at 100% at in-network dentists.
  • Basic restorative care (fillings, simple tooth extractions): Covered at 80% at in-network dentists.
  • Major restorative care (root canal therapy, periodontal therapy, dental implants, etc.): Covered at 50%.

Keep in mind that if you have Delta’s more basic DPO plan, you may only have coverage for preventive and basic restorative services and not for major services.

You should be mindful of your annual maximum (the most that Delta will pay out for services during a 12-month coverage period) throughout the year. If a certain service may exceed your annual maximum, our team might be able to suggest strategies to lower your out of pocket costs. For example, scheduling your procedure across two appointments between calendar years may help. We can also help you understand things like your plan’s deductible, your waiting period, and why your plan does or does not apply in a given situation.

Meet Diana, Our In-House Insurance Pro

Diana is our front desk coordinator and office manager. She is used to handling all the nitty gritty details of Delta dental insurance, and she’ll be happy to help you figure out how you can get the most out of your plan. She can verify your coverage, explain how it applies to certain treatments, file your claims, and answer any questions you may have about your policy. If you would like to speak to Diana about how you can use your Delta Dental insurance to your greatest advantage, contact our office today.