Humana Dental Benefits for Affordable Dentistry

Dental insurance policies are complex, and if you don’t deal with these documents on a daily basis like we do, they can be downright frustrating. At Independence Dental, we do our utmost to take all the stress and frustration of dealing with dental insurance policies off of our patients’ shoulders. We are happy to process and file Humana dental insurance claims for most major providers, and our dental office is in-network with many plans, including Humana. If you’re covered by Humana or any other dental benefit providers, make sure to talk to one of our team members about your coverage when you call to schedule your first appointment with our team. We’re always happy to answer your questions and help you to better understand your dental insurance policy and available treatment coverage.

Humana Dental Coverage & Availability

We know that all the numbers and technical jargon in your dental insurance policy make it difficult to parse through for the average patient, and even experienced dentistry professionals can struggle to understand some of the more complicated policies. That’s why Dentist Plano always make a thorough review of your individual plan before we offer any estimates for the out of pocket costs of your treatment plan. While every plan will differ based on your individual elections, plan premiums, and other factors, most patients with benefits through Humana receive 80 to 100% coverage for dental checkups and teeth cleanings. Minor restorative treatments like fillings are covered 70 to 80%, and more advanced treatments like dental crowns may receive anywhere from 25 to 75% coverage. Treatments like orthodontics, oral appliances, and other dentistry services are also covered by certain plans, but we’ll need to review your unique policy or apply for preapproval to ensure benefits are available.

As an in-network provider with Humana plans, you’ll be sure to receive the maximum possible coverage when you visit our office for dental care. Humana will cover the same treatments at out of network dental offices, but you may be subject to additional fees. We have agreed to charge fees that fall within Humana’s set maximum pricing for covered services, so you’re only ever responsible for the out of pocket percentage of the cost of your dental work. Dental offices that are out of network can charge fees higher than your plan’s maximums, but you’ll be responsible for any additional costs as well as your out of pocket percentage of treatment pricing. Most dental offices will do their utmost to keep any additional fees low, but when you visit an in-network dental office, you won’t have to worry about these additional costs.

Meet Diana

If you need help understanding any aspect of your dental insurance benefits or treatment coverage, any member of the Independence Dental team will be happy to help you, but Diana is our go-to for all things dental insurance. Diana runs our front desk and is the office manager at Independence Dental. She loves helping patients to better understand their dental benefits and make the most of their insurance coverage.