dental treatment for cavities

Dealing with Dental Cavities

What is a Cavity?

A dental cavity is a small hole that forms in the hard surface of a tooth over time. It develops as tooth enamel is slowly worn down by acids produced by bacteria. While cavities start small, they will continue growing bigger and deeper into the tooth if left untreated. This can eventually cause pain, infection, and even tooth loss. So what should treatment for cavities look like?

Common Cavity Causes & Signs

Cavities often result from poor oral hygiene – infrequent brushing/flossing and frequent snacking on sugary/starchy foods and drinks. Other factors like lack of fluoride, dry mouth, and worn fillings/dental devices can also contribute. Signs you may have a cavity include:

  • Visible pits or holes in your teeth
  • Tooth sensitivity or pain with hot, cold, sweet or sticky foods/drinks
  • Pain when biting down
  • Tooth staining or discoloration
  • An unpleasant taste in your mouth

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore a Cavity: Get Treatment Fast!

Prompt treatment of a dental cavity is crucial. Even a minor cavity requires professional treatment to stop it from worsening. Delaying care allows the decay to spread further into the tooth’s inner layers, which increases the risk of tooth pain, infection spreading to other areas, more costly procedures like root canals or extractions, and eventual tooth loss impacting your bite and jaw alignment.

Costly procedures like root canals or extractions

Tooth pain and infection which can spread to other areas

Tooth loss which can affect your bite and jaw alignment

The spread of decay to adjacent healthy teeth

Trusted Cavity Treatment at Independence Dental

At Independence Dental in Plano, we focus on preventive dentistry to stop cavities before they start. However, if a cavity does develop, our experienced dentists use the latest techniques and technology to treat it quickly and effectively:

  • Locating all areas of decay with comprehensive exams and digital x-rays
  • Removing all traces of decay and bacteria
  • Thoroughly cleaning and preparing the area
  • Filling the cavity with a tooth-colored composite resin material
  • Polishing the tooth for a natural look and feel

Taking Charge of Your Oral Health

Don’t ignore a cavity and risk it turning into a bigger, costlier problem. Schedule an appointment at Independence Dental today to get your healthy, confident smile back! Call now to get started on your treatment for cavities.