Dazzling White Smiles

Are you completely satisfied with the appearance of your smile? Even if your teeth are healthy, you may want to brighten them up to look your youngest and smile with full confidence. A professional teeth whitening treatment can help you enjoy a more youthful, vibrant look — and there is no where better to turn for teeth whitening in Plano than to your cosmetic dentist, Dr. Simran Bhalla! Keep reading to learn more about this treatment and how a personalized approach can help you get results you really love.

What Are the Benefits of Zoom! Whitening?

Zoom! Whitening offers a number of advantages over the one-size-fits-all, take-home formulas that you can buy at the grocery store. This treatment is completed in just one visit to our office and can lift stains to brighten teeth by up to 8 shades. Even significant discoloration, like that caused by tobacco or years of insufficient dental hygiene, can be erased with Zoom! Whitening.

The advantages of Zoom! Whitening are considerable. They include the following:

  • Treatment is completed in just one visit to our office, saving you time and money
  • Results are revealed immediately
  • Even significant stains can usually be lifted with Zoom!
  • Most healthy, adult or older teen patients are eligible for this treatment
  • Results from Zoom! Whitening can last for years with proper care
  • A customized application and treatment protects your teeth and gums
  • Only a professional-grade whitening gel can deliver the brightest results

What Is the Process for Zoom! Whitening?

If Zoom! Whitening is a good option for your smile, your cosmetic dentist in Plano will look forward to getting started right away with a treatment plan that is built just for you. Zoom! Whitening is completed over the course of a single visit to our office. First, a special barrier is placed over the lips, gums, tongue, and cheeks to protect them throughout the treatment. Then, the high-powered bleach is applied to the front side of the teeth that show when you smile. This gel is activated with a special UV light in 3, 15-minute intervals. After the final light application is complete, the gel is removed — and you have never smiled brighter!

Is Zoom! Whitening Right for You?

Most patients with healthy teeth can benefit from a Zoom! Whitening treatment. And, while many cosmetic dentists have added this option to their list of services, Dr. Bhalla offers something different when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. She takes a personalized approach to each case, guaranteeing that your results will suit your unique needs perfectly. As someone who values personal relationships, Dr. Bhalla truly takes the time to get to know everyone who comes into her office. Our patients know there is no one-size-fits-all approach to cosmetic dentistry at our office — to find out which treatment may serve your smile best, we invite you to contact us to schedule a cosmetic consultation at Independence Dental today!