toothpasteAs you go down the oral health isle in your local store, you are bombarded with multiple toothpaste varieties. The options of brands, flavors, forms, purposes, and prices can be sometimes overwhelming!

It’s very important that you understand which toothpaste is most beneficial for you. Read below to learn what the best toothpaste is for your oral health from a dentist in Plano TX.

Most toothpastes have the same inactive ingredients which include; flavoring agents, provide foaming, thickening agents to stabilize the toothpaste, and abrasives to remove debris and surface staining.

Useful and important active ingredients include tricolsan to help reduce gingivitis, stannous fluoride, potassium nitrate to help reduce tooth sensitivity, pyrophosphates, zinc citrate to reduce buildup of tarter, and abrasives to help whiten teeth by removing surface staining.

So next time you go shopping for your toothpaste, be sure to look at all your options to see which one will be most beneficial for you!